Attract Positive Energy and Glow from the Inside Out

Attract Positive Energy and Glow from the Inside Out

 24k gold

Who would have said that ‘gold’ was a healing super mineral? Well, it turns out that gold brings blissfulness and overall good feelings. It’s no wonder that this noble metal has surpassed more than 6,000 years of existence and it is still highly precious and valuable. Gold is believed to not only attract wealth, but also luck as well as boost your confidence. This highly malleable mineral has so many properties so, why not take advantage of applying gold on your skin aside from wearing it in jewelry or even eating 24k gold flakes? It’s really not that far-fetched, in fact, gold has been used in skincare products throughout history; Romans, Egyptians and Japanese used it to manage skin conditions.

 24K Gold Neck Mask


The Powers of Gold

There’s more to this glittery element than just jewelry or shrines.  This precious metal has divine connotations and amazing healing vibes that keeps your skin looking beautiful. It’s also used as a pain reliever! Acupuncturists use 24k gold needles to increase energy transmission and even deliver a rush to amp up your confidence and self-esteem. When used for your face, gold has the power to reduce inflammation and redness, brightening your skin and also protects against the free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.

For decades, gold has been used as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Although gold might seem like a fancy commodity, its antioxidant powers go far beyond the purely cosmetic. Now, if you thought all of that was amazing, we’ve got more! You see, gold helps to slow down collagen depletion–you know, that dry, papery texture that’s common in aging skin. It increases skin’s elasticity, improves blood circulation, stimulates the cells to make your skin firm and also lightens your skin complexion.

Face Mask



We knew we couldn’t let you miss out on all these amazing benefits, so we created the 24k Gold Deep Renewal Mask and 24k Gold Neck Renewal Mask made with a lavish blend of gold, lavender and collagen. These masks will replenish, relax and give your skin a boost of all essential vitamins, minerals and necessary vital ingredients to help you look and feel radiant. To make sure you are letting your skin absorb all the goodness. we recommend you follow these easy steps.


Maintaining Your Post-Facial Gold Mask Glow

  1. Do not, by any means, pick at your beautiful skin. After a facial mask, or any facial, your skin is ultra-sensitive so picking at it will enhance the harmful effects.
  2. Ditch the makeup for the day you use your mask. You’ll be glowing after you use it so you won’t need to cover your skin with makeup, plus you will be giving your pores a nice rest.
  3. Use a gentle hydrating cleanser to avoid any irritation.
  4. Cross out exfoliants for a few days to make sure you don’t damage your skin’s protective layer, which can lead to inflammation. Besides, gold itself has amazing results, so you don’t need to mix with any other products.
  5. Apply moisturizer as this will restore the moisture in your skin and seal the results of the gold mask.

 24K Gold Deep Renewal Mask



If Egyptian queen Cleopatra incorporated gold masks in her skincare routine, why not you? Exactly, we’ve also included it in our routine and we want you to feel and look radiantly beautiful. All you have to do now is decide what day of the week you want to glow.

 24K Gold




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