BEyond BeYOUtiful Part One: The Passion

BEyond BeYOUtiful Part One: The Passion


Truly great cosmetics do more than cover up blemishes - they inspire you to be the best you that you can be, both inside and outside. Whether you prefer a more natural look or airbrushed perfection, putting makeup should feel like a treat to yourself, one that expresses the true you and shines a light on everything that makes you beautiful. La Parfait co-founders and sisters Sivan Bitton and Yael Gambach believe that self-love should be an ingredient in every product they create - and so the BEyond BeYOUtiful cosmetics line was born.

 Yael & Sivan


Changing how we view our skin

Years ago, when both co-founders were working at makeup counters, they frequently came across the same type of woman who refused to age naturally and instead chose unnatural amounts of fillers. This bothered the duo, as they strongly believed that there is a better way to age gracefully and that perfection shouldn’t be an unattainable goal. With this healthy beauty mindset in place, Yael and Sivan set out to create skincare products that actually work - so women wouldn’t have to rely on injections to minimize the signs of aging.  “The point is to look natural and beautiful,” Yael explains. “It’s best to find and embrace the beauty in aging. Tie that with the right products and formulas and it is a perfect match.”


From the creation of their very first product, Lajuven - Instant Face lift, which is a quick-fix serum that instantly tightens skin, a revolution was born. The co-founding sisters set off to form a whole line of skin care, and now cosmetics, that find the balance in beauty routines. “We are trained to look in the mirror and see only the bad, none of the good,” states Sivan. “We wanted to go beyond what the media tells us to see, to the deeper levels of our love, kindness, generosity, and unique spirit that makes us who we are.” And so, BEyond BeYOUtiful came to be.



The marvel of minimalism

Once the sisters realized the potential that an inspirational cosmetic line could bring to women all over, they quickly got to work. As Yael jokes, “I did so much research, I should be a doctor!” They ensured that the ingredients were the best quality, and all vegan and environmentally friendly. They determined that part of the focus of the line would be on minimalistic, multi-functional products. They knew all too well the struggle of traveling with a mass amount of products when something like the B-Belle Trio Stick can easily handle the job. “With all that women do today - cooking, cleaning, raising kids, and working on top of that, it’s a pleasure to help make life easier and a little more simple for them,” says Sivan.




BeYOUty for a cause

The BEyond BeYOUtiful line exists to change expectations and reinvent ourselves. So, it’s only natural that La Parfait paired with a cause that keeps women’s best interests at heart. The Glory House is a non-profit organization dedicated to healing and restoring the lives of those who have suffered the abuse and exploitation of sex trafficking. The sisters connected with the organization’s dedication to faith-based approaches and knew that they needed to be a part of building these victims’ confidence back up. For every purchase made, La Parfait donates 10% of proceeds to The Glory House’s heroic efforts.

 Beyond Beautiful



To the future and BEyond

As La Parfait nears its tenth anniversary, Sivan and Yael hold true to the foundation that it was built on: love. Love that is so tangible, it empowers you to love yourself harder than you ever have before and to see yourself in the mirror exactly as you should: BeYOUtiful.



To learn, read Part Two as we delve deeper into the BeYOUtiful products themselves.


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