Embrace Your Inner Orange

Embrace Your Inner Orange

Happy Orange

Improve Your Zest for Life: Fill it with the 4 C’s - Courage, Cheerfulness, Confidence & Creativity

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Singing in the Rain?” We bet you ta-da-da, imagining a high-stepping song and energetic dance while pretty much getting soaking wet under the rain. However, the drenching clothes don’t really bother you because this song and dance routine are as fresh now as they were back when it was released in the early 1950s. Did we get that right? If we were to assign a color to the feeling of happiness, enthusiasm, and energy it would definitely be orange. Frank Sinatra said it himself, “Orange is the happiest color.” And we wouldn’t want to go against what this legendary American singer once quoted. So, what is it about the color orange that evokes such passion? Well, it turns out that reddish and golden tones of orange symbolize desire, wealth, prestige, wisdom, and illumination.

 Orange Hat

Happy See, Happy Do

What do you get when combining the stimulation of red and the cheerfulness of yellow? You don’t just get orange, you get positive emotions, joy, and pumpkin spice lattes! With fall being right around the corner, ‘orange you happy’ for the start of a new season? Here, at La Parfait Cosmetics, we couldn’t be more excited to share with you our hand-picked matte liquid lipstick colors that best exudes the joy of happiness; Classic Orange and Peach. When selecting our favorite colors we want them to transmit the right energy so you can wear them confidently. As we lined up our Classic Orange and Peach lipsticks, we were instantly transported to an orange blossom where the fresh citrus scent invaded our imagination. Then, we discovered that orange blossoms symbolize innocence, purity, virtue, good luck and fortune. It is also used in bride’s adornments ultimately symbolizing eternal love. Next time you think of orange you’ll probably not only think about the incredibly refreshing citrus taste, color or vitamin c, but also start thinking about its lovely flowers and rich history. The Citrus Sinensis is often referred to as the sweet orange that produces clusters of orange blossoms. All this love and positivity has us raging over orange.

 Orange LipstickOrange Lipstick

How to Wear Your Orange Lipstick

Some may think that wearing orange lipstick is a color that only “certain people” can pull off. In reality, anyone can successfully wear orange lips, it’s just a matter of matching it with the perfect outfit. Take note of these awesome combinations to highlight your sweet orange lips.


  1. Oh so Blue. Orange and blue are natural complimentary colors so it’s a given that paired together in, say, a royal blue suit with plumpy orange lips you’ll nail it at your next event.
  2. Black Shadow. As an ode to the great Olivia Newton-John, you will never go wrong with a black leather or faux leather ensemble to rock your orange lipstick.
  3. Peachy Peach. Coordinate your outfit this fall by wearing a peach silk dress and looking ravishing with your peachy lips.
  4. Snow White. You know white goes with everything, but mix it with orange lips and your cocktail dress will have a wow effect. Take it up a notch and add some deep blue earrings and you’ll be sure to dazzle.
  5. Yellow Goddess. Be the center of attention with orange hue lips and yellow lace top.
  6. Green Olive. This is a complex color, but don’t fret because it’s a versatile color allowing you to pair it well with many colors and orange is just one of them. Next time you wear your olive dress make sure to grab your orange matte liquid lipstick for a long-lasting sophisticated look.
  7. Grey Stone. Wear that grey pencil skirt with bright orange lips and knock it out on your next meeting.

Orange Lifestyle

Know that you project whatever you think and feel, which ultimately impacts others. Basically, positive energy is contagious. Go ahead and “doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo…” your way around for a happier life like Gene Kelly under the rain.





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