Essential Labor Day Must-Haves to Reset Your Skin

Essential Labor Day Must-Haves to Reset Your Skin

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Commemorate Your Achievements and Look Fantastic


Beauty starts with skin. And your skin should determine your age not the years. So, it’s no secret that lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, not exercising and stress have a direct impact on your body including your skin. Go ahead, take a break! With the start of a new year, we begin our resolutions with intention. We dedicate time to our work and every day activities, then by the time summer comes we loosen up our routines as we continue working. So, what is it about Labor Day that has us marking our calendars waiting for this holiday to arrive?


Labor Day celebrations, which started all the way back in 1894 to honor the contributions and achievements of American workers, are a great way to reset our bodies for the fall season. This may be the last stretch to enjoy some warm weather before the cooler air settles in. Actually, transitioning your summer skincare routine to fall can be a breeze. Whether you plan on going sailing, soaking up some extra sun by the pool or attending a barbecue party you can look and feel your best over the long weekend.

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Labor Day Weekend Must-Haves for Beautiful Skin

At La Parfait Cosmetics we value your time and dedication and we’ve rounded up for you some of our favorite skincare products so you can revamp your skin this holiday weekend. Say goodbye to summer and upgrade your skincare routine for fall with our Labor Day sale!


If you’re looking for a great way to prep your skin this Labor Day, make sure to snag these items.


Morning Refresh


After a good night’s sleep allow your skin to wake up with our Pure Foam Cleanser. It’s a potent AHA infused formula filled with vital plant extracts and oils to enrich and clean your pores. Your skin’s texture and elasticity will improve thanks to its gentle foam wash.





Follow up your facial skincare routine with our Advanced Renewal Eye Cream and restore your eyes’ youthful smoothness. This very lightweight and easily absorbed cream is packed with vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, F & H making it the perfect combination to reduce puffiness under the eyes, reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles as it brightens dark circles.





Enrich your skin and protect it from UV radiation and environmental pollution with the Vitamin C Brightening Cream. Think of it as your daily antioxidant treatment to smooth and plump your skin.






Nighttime Replenish


Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, you’ll love to regenerate it with the Body Revive Lotion. Its rich lotion has a high content of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Green Tea and Vitamin E.




Retinol is the staple feature in your nighttime skincare routine as it helps the cell turnover process in the skin. Using our Retinol Serum will increase collagen production to your face while it treats acne, blackheads and clogged pores, all while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles!



Repair the damage caused from UV exposure giving your skin an extra boost of richness with our Night Cream. It’s a great treatment for hydration and tightening the skin as we sleep. It will help reduce wrinkles and age spots offering exceptional skin benefits based on exclusive properties of live cell complex, hyaluronic complex, Retinol, natural vitamins (A,C,B,D3,E), pure botanical extracts and multi-peptides.



No great achievement is possible without persistent work. So make sure to include a consistent skincare routine to your daily activities for a radiant glow.

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