Hyaluronic Acid: The Holy Grail of Hydration and Youthful Appearance

Hyaluronic Acid: The Holy Grail of Hydration and Youthful Appearance

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Why Hyaluronic Acid is the Holy Grail of Hydration and Youthful Appearance


Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronan or hyaluronate, a gooey and slippery substance, most commonly known as hyaluronic acid (HA). It’s a large chain of sugar molecules–called polysaccharides–with higher concentrations found in the skin, connective tissues and the thick liquid found in our joints.


These molecules can lock-in 1,000 times its weight in water! This basically means that your skin is nicely hydrated, because HA holds water molecules onto the surface of the skin. However, as we age our bodies produce less of it and that's when the visible signs of aging start to show up like dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles and even joint pain.


Luckily, we can proactively slow down this process by incorporating certain foods and supplements along with products for a proper skincare routine to help our body replenish its hyaluronic acid levels and radiate a youthful appearance from the inside out.


How to Transform Your Skin with Hyaluronic Acid from the Outside In

When it comes to the quality of hyaluronic acid products, not all are created equal. After reading many ingredient labels and seeing a void for non-invasive products that performed across all skin types and tones, we took to our U.S based labs to create advanced products that include hyaluronic acid and improve your skin. Our priority, at La Parfait Cosmetics, is to provide you with long-term inner and outer natural beauty.


We’ve designed the Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid Serum, a beneficial serum you can use both morning and night, to combat and moisturize dry skin, improve fine lines and brighten dark spots. Our formula is made with the highest potency of hyaluronic acid, ensuring equal distribution across the entire skin, delivering the moisture your skin needs to maintain its radiance and youthful appearance.


We know that applying on a serum is just one step in replenishing your skin, which is why we’ve included a morning cream, Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid Cream, that helps with moisture-binding and skin-repairing as it treats fine lines and wrinkles. The science behind this lightweight gel cream is designed to absorb quickly leaving your skin smooth and non-greasy.


But, we couldn’t leave you just at that. So, we’ve added the Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid Night Cream to help lighten hyperpigmentation, fade sun spots and restore clarity to tired skin.


















Deeply hydrate your skin with the combination of these products and you will see results in no time. Make sure to apply each product on your skin using upwards and outwards motions with your fingertips across your face, neck and under the eyes.


How to Transform Your Skin with Hyaluronic Acid from the Inside Out

Hyaluronic acid is essential to maintaining skin healthy and hydrated. It so happens that aside from us humans, hyaluronic acid can be found in animals like cows, fish and chicken. You know what they say, “bone broth makes everything better.” Whether you’re combating a cold, wanting to improve your gut health or have it as your weight-loss friend you can now add it as your hyaluronic acid promoter.




But what about our vegan friends? We’ve got you covered, because we believe in empowering people of all ages, race, ethnicities, gender and, why not, even your choice in foods with information to help you look and feel your best. Although plant sources may not come packed with hyaluronic acid, there are some vegan supplements derived from bacteria and yeasts that undergo a fermentation process.


That said, you can find plant-based foods as well as fruits that can boost your body’s production of hyaluronic acid.  Naringenin-rich foods inhibit the enzymes that break down hyaluronic acid in your body. Yeah, we know, naringenin is a word we don’t hear around that much, but just know that it can be found in grapefruits, oranges and tomatoes.

 Vitamin C



Fruits and berries rich in vitamin C that act as antioxidants help to protect and enhance your HA levels as well as root vegetables with good sources of magnesium like sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens.

 Green Food



Beans are powerhouse plant proteins loaded with vitamins, magnesium and zinc. Note that to maintain your HA levels, you want to incorporate foods packed with zinc. The same goes for the isoflavones found in soy as these increase estrogen levels in the body. And, what does this mean? It will naturally promote hyaluronic acid production in your body.


So, go ahead, give your skin and body all it needs to keep it glowing and youthful looking. Next time someone asks you what you are doing to look so beautiful, let them know that you are keeping up with your HA levels from the inside out and the outside in.

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