Natural, Rosy Cheeks for the Perfect Season

Natural, Rosy Cheeks for the Perfect Season

Blush Blast
Curious about where the saying, “Blushing Bride” came from? The term was given to the Serruria Florida, a flowering plant species in the Proteaceae family.  Legend has it everyone would know a man’s intentions to propose to a bride when they would wear these plants on the lapel of their suits.  Of course, this would often make the bride-to-be blush. The well-known English biologist, Charles Darwin said it himself, “blushing is the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.”
‘Tis the season to be married, or at least to be invited to a wedding! We are in the middle of wedding season so what better way to celebrate such an enchanting moment than to highlight the lively look of blushed cheeks. Whether you are the blushing bride herself, the maid of honor, mother of the bride, the cousin’s date, or a guest make sure you blush like you mean it
As you may know, blush itself is a versatile product. You can give your skin a natural flushed look, but you can also enhance your complexion and even change the appearance of your face depending on where you apply it.

 Silky Blush

How to Successfully Apply Blush to Your Face

With the right stroke of brush, you can completely awaken your glow with a healthy and natural looking blush of color on your cheeks. At La Parfait Cosmetics, we have the ultimate guide for applying blush to accentuate your face shape.


Define your face shape.

  • Heart-shaped face: a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones with a narrow chin.

  • Oval face: prominent cheekbones and a narrower chin than the forehead.

  • Square face: straight sides and a flat jawline.

  • Round face: wide cheeks and a curved jawline.

  • Oblong / Rectangular face: forehead, cheeks and jawline are the same width.

  • Triangular: narrow and pointy chin with high cheekbones.


Where to apply blush according to your face shape.

  • Heart-shaped face - apply your blush in the form of a “C” with more on your cheekbones and diffuse upward towards the temple.

  • Oval face - start at the prominent part of the cheeks, bring your blush towards the earlobes and then blend towards the temples.

  • Square face - make sure you get all the cheekbone area from the corner of your brow to your hairline.

  • Round face - this one is fairly easy, just smile and swipe blush on your cheeks.

  • Oblong face - start at the most prominent part of the cheeks, then blend towards the nose and bring it out towards the temple. If you want to bring the look together, then add a bit of blush on the forehead and the sides of your brows.

  • Triangular - apply blush in a sideways “V” on your cheekbones. To help balance the width of your forehead, blend up from your cheekbones to your temples and then extend the blush over your brows towards the center of your forehead.


Pick the shade that adds beauty to your life. Want to know the fastest way to figure out your right shade? Go ahead and pinch your cheeks! That’s right, for a natural looking flush to the cheeks you can pinch them and find out what tone is the closest to your skin’s flushed appeal. For everyday use we recommend our long-lasting Silky Blush in Pink Rose to enhance your eyes and facial contour.
 Silky Blush




Maximize the blush versatility. One great thing about blush is that you can use it pretty much on any facial feature. You can not only apply it to your cheeks, but also dab some on your eyelids and your lips.


Match accordingly and in harmony. If you’d rather keep blush only for your cheeks, you can always choose a lipstick that matches your blush shade. A good rule of thumb is for blush to be a subtle compliment to lipstick. You’ll find that our Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pink Nude is the perfect match for our Silky Blush.

 Matte Liquid Lipstick


Make this wedding season your time to sparkle and shine with the best makeup look to bring out your beautiful facial features! And always remember, beauty comes from within, but a little makeup never hurts.




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