Your Cruelty-Free, Guilt-Free Glow

Your Cruelty-Free, Guilt-Free Glow


Craving Cruelty-Free Cosmetics? We Got You!

Do you have an adorable pet that means the world to you? Then you’re familiar with the joy that an animal can bring you - a happiness so pure that it’s hard to imagine ever inflicting cruelty on any animal. At La Parfait, we are passionate about keeping animals as our friends and not as our test subjects. We are a proud cruelty-free company proving to the world that top-of-the-line cosmetics can be made safely without harming living creatures. After all, our beauty radiates from the inside out, and there is nothing more beautiful than kindness to all creatures.

So what exactly is cruelty-free?

Maybe your idea of cruelty-free is someone throwing a giant can of red paint at a woman wearing fur, or maybe you credit brands like Whole Foods with the movement. While those thoughts aren’t entirely wrong, the cruelty-free movement is so much more than that. It started with a few compassionate visionaries including Marsha Pearson who founded the group Fashion with Passion and a group of Oxford University students led by Rosalind and Stanley Godlovitch. PETA and the Humane Society have also played a huge role in reducing and eliminating animal testing and other harmful practices over the past five decades. These inspirational people and groups have played a pivotal role in ending animal cruelty and have opened the doors for cosmetics companies like ours to continue the movement.

The ultimate goal of cruelty-free groups and products is to eliminate animal-testing or experimentation in the development of products. Basically, we want to keep our animal pals out of labs! Products that are certified cruelty-free meet the requirements that no new animal testing be used at any point in any phase of product development by the company. Instead, computer modeling or in vitro methods are used in order to maintain the product’s safety for humans. Not only do these sources of testing keep our furry friends out of danger, they are also more accurate and effective than animal testing. We’ve also come to learn as a community that cruelty-free products are healthier and contain significantly less chemicals than other products on the market. At La Parfait, each product in our arsenal of skincare formulas and cosmetics has been meticulously researched, sourced and tested for purity and efficacy in a safe, cruelty-free manner,  so that you can achieve flawless looks in the most harm-free way possible. 

Cruelty Free


What cruelty-free is not

When you’re label-checking, it can get a bit overwhelming with all of the different claims on each product. You want to get gorgeous and do good, but how do you distinguish each label? There are many efforts in our cosmetics community to have sustainable, ethical practices - but not all are the same. Here are a few things that cruelty-free is not, and their important differences.

Vegan. A huge buzzword in the cosmetics world is “vegan,” as these products are becoming increasingly popular in the community. This should not be confused with cruelty-free, as vegan has nothing to do with the product’s testing, and everything to do with its composition. Vegan products do not include any animal-derived ingredients, such as common ingredients honey, beeswax, animal-derived collagen or gelatin, placenta, and others. Not only are our products cruelty-free, they are also vegan - but not every company can claim this.

Eco-friendly.  These products are made with the protection of the environment in mind. Companies that are eco-friendly create cosmetic products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. 

Organic. Organic cosmetics are held to standards set by the USDA and FDA that state that in order for a product to be labeled organic, at least 95% of its applicable ingredients must come from organic farmers.  




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Adding cruelty-free products to your cart

Now it’s time for you to enhance your beauty with some guilt-free, cruelty-free makeup and skin - so where to start? Companies cannot just claim “cruelty-free” - they must be monitored by an accredited organization. So if you are searching specifically for cruelty-free cosmetics, you’ll want to look for certifications from Leaping Bunny, PETA or the Humane Society, as these companies will have met all of the high standards needed to achieve the label. 

Through years of thoughtful development with our beautiful clients in mind, we’ve created skincare that is incomparably effective in nourishing and restoring your skin, while being credited as cruelty-free. If your skin is craving lucious products that keep animals out of harm's way, we invite you to try one of our favorites like the Deep Renewal Series featuring Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid Cream for daytime, Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Night Cream or Deep Renewal Acid Serum. You’ll be absolutely delighted to see results within the first seven days, and animal lovers everywhere will thank you while complimenting you on your flawless skin.

To learn more about our other cruelty-free products and how they can make your skin glow, please visit or schedule a consultation.



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