B-Wonderful Waterproof Eyeliner
B-Wonderful Waterproof Eyeliner

B-Wonderful Waterproof Eyeliner

Supreme Definition Eyeliner

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Size: 0.5ml / 0.017oz 3-6 months supply

Let your eyes do the talking with our waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner that defines and accentuates their natural beauty. Our specially-formulated eyeliner glides on effortlessly, providing a precise and defined line that lasts all day long. Whether you're looking to create a bold and dramatic look, or simply want to highlight your beautiful eyes, our waterproof eyeliner is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and let your inner beauty shine through. So go ahead, take the plunge and elevate your eye game to the next level with our exceptional waterproof eyeliner.

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Long-Lasting Wear

The waterproof formula ensures that the eyeliner stays put all day without smudging or fading, providing you with a look that lasts for hours.

Resistant to Water

Our B-Wonderful Waterproof Eyeliner is perfect for those days when you want to be out and about in the rain, at the beach, or when you're working out. You don't have to worry about your makeup smudging or running.


The B-Wonderful Waterproof Eyeliner is perfect for those with oily skin or those who wear contact lenses. It won't smudge or transfer onto your eyelids, leaving you with a clean, polished look.

Precise Application

It is designed to glide on easily and provide a precise, defined line. This means you can achieve a perfect cat-eye or winged liner without any difficulty.

By taking a few extra minutes to remove your eyeliner with our gentle and effective B-You Makeup Remover, you are not only protecting your delicate eye area from irritation and damage, but you are also showing yourself some self-care and love. You deserve to feel your best and taking care of your skin is a great way to do that.

1. Apply to lashes.

2. Line starting from the center outwards and then from inner eyelid corners to the center.

3. Let it set for up to one minute for an all-day, waterproof wear.

water styrene/acrylates copolymer ci 77266 acrylates/ammonium methacrylate copolymer propylene glycol ammonium styrene/acrylates copolymer sodium laureth-12 sulfate phenoxyethanol ethylhexylglycerin

Color Black

Beauty Tips

When it comes to eyeliner, consider your eye color and skin tone when choosing a color, and don't be afraid to try something new. Don't worry about making mistakes; even professionals make them. Use a cotton swab or makeup remover to fix any errors and keep practicing. Ultimately, makeup is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so don't be afraid to experiment with different looks and styles until you find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Practice Your Technique

Practice applying eyeliner in different styles, such as winged or cat-eye, to find the technique that works best for you. Use a small, angled brush to apply gel eyeliner for more precise lines.

Start Small

Start with a thin line and build up to your desired thickness. It's easier to add more eyeliner than to remove excess.

Finish with Mascara

Apply mascara to your lashes to enhance your eyes and complete your look. For an ideal look use our Ultimate Waterproof Mascara.