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B-Bold Satin Lipstick

Deluxe Satin Lips

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Size: 5g / 0.176oz 4-6 months supply

Unleash your inner confidence and show the world your bold side with our B-Bold Satin Lipstick. This weightless, long-lasting lipstick is designed to enhance your natural beauty and empower you to take on the day with ease and confidence. With its satin and matte finishes, this lipstick is the perfect tool for creating a bold and striking look that lasts all day long.

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The soft, smooth finish of our B-Bold Satin Lipstick helps to make your lips look fuller and more defined, while also complementing your skin tone.

Comfortable to Wear

A creamy texture that feels comfortable on the lips, without being too heavy or sticky.


Comes in a wide range of 18 colors, from natural shades to bold and bright hues, making them a versatile option for any occasion.

Bold & Creamy

Infused with mineral oil, shea butter, and olive oil, this lipstick provides essential hydration to your lips, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and nourished.Highlight your plump lips with our Lajuven Instant Face Lift which will leave your skin feeling firmer and with less fines lines and wrinkles for up to 10 hours. It' perfect for everyday use or for special occasions.

1. Layer on your B-Bold Satin Lipstick from the center outwards for fuller looking lips.

2. After lining your lips, gently squeeze lips together to remove extra lipstick and prevent spillage.


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Beauty Tips

Using our B-Bold Satin Lipstick can be a fun and easy way to enhance your makeup look and add some color and shine to your lips. With the right shade and technique, you can create a variety of looks, from natural and understated to bold and dramatic.

Prep Your Lips

Before applying your B-Bold Satin Lipstick, make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized. You can use a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips gently and remove any dry or flaky skin.

Choose the Right Shade

The B-Bold Satin Lipstick comes in a variety of shades, so choose one that complements your skin tone and the occasion. If you want a natural look, choose a shade that is close to your natural lip color. If you want a bold look, choose a brighter or deeper shade.

Pair with Complimentary Makeup

Our B-Bold Satin Lipstick looks great with a variety of makeup looks, from natural to dramatic. Consider pairing it with complimentary eye makeup or blush to create a cohesive look.