Ultra Sculpt Mini
Ultra Sculpt Mini
Ultra Sculpt Mini
Ultra Sculpt Mini

Ultra Sculpt Mini

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Size: 1.5 lb / 0.7 k


We bring you the Ultra Sculpt Mini. This tiny handheld device helps you tone and sculptaway all those stubborn areas that refuse to go away.

Using leading edge technology, ultrasound waves convert fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system.

Procedure is non-invasive so you can go to your regular activities at no time. You will be amazed how beautifully you can reduce fat in problem areas and reshape targeted areas.

The Ultra Sculpt mini brings three potent tools into one handheld device. Giving you at home an effective and powerful body sculpting
solution for those stubborn areas that don't seem to want to go away.
So how does it work? Simply by utilizing ultra sonic high frequency vibrations, RF heat and powerful LED wavelength 625 energy red light.

Ultrasound Cavitation:

This treatment wakes up the cells internal metabolism, making them more receptive to your fat burning regimen.

RF Heat Stimulating Collagen Creation:

This part of the treatment is what shapes the skin, giving you the desired look you want, by breaking up cellulite and molding the body.

LED Red Light:

We finish with LED treatment to plump up the skin and tighten worry lines, minimizing any after-effects or elasticity issues that tend to result from weight loss.

The Science Behind It

Ultrasound cavitation, Red Light therapy and RF heat brought together in a perfectly sized, easy to handle device. Selected with care, these three in unison help us sculpt, tone and tighten stubborn areas with in the comfort of our own home.

Ultra Sculpt Mini

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